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RestoreSure 2015

RestoreSure from Flux2Fusion is our next generation enterprise backup solution.  Ideal for small, medium or large enterprise deployments, our scalable backup solution offers continuous data protection across all Windows platforms.

Top Features

  • Supports both cloud (WAN) and local (LAN) backup servers.
  • You choose where your backed-up data is stored - the cloud, your datacenter or internal servers (or any combination).
  • Protects data on computers located both inside and outside the enterprise using secure over-the-internet communication technologies
  • Intelligent bit-level data analysis ensures only changed file fragments are backed up
  • Control remote client backup operations using the new RestoreSure Live portal
  • Continuous, real-time data protection - data is backed-up 24/7, silently
  • Secure desktop restore for all users - never have to restore a file from tape again
  • Automated, silent system maintenance & administration - fire-and-forget deployment
  • Totally scalable with zero-license costs for backup servers allowing unlimited expansion of your backup capacity.  You only pay for desktop and file server agents - backup servers are free!
  • Low-cost licensing packages

Please visit www.restoresure.com for more information including detailed product information and the latest subscription pricing.